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Easy Arts & Crafts for Kids

Rockridge Press

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Discover tons of creative crafts you can do all by yourself―and with materials you can find at home! Easy Arts & Crafts for Kids is the perfect choice for aspiring creators, bursting with instructions for dozens of stylish projects that have real uses.

From amazing games and fashion to one-of-a-kind gifts, Easy Arts & Crafts for Kids will keep you entertained with super cool (and super fun) projects that you’ll love to make and share!

Easy Arts & Crafts for Kids includes:

  • 50 awesome projects―Create Tin Can Robots, No-Sew Scrunchies, Rainbow Bath Bombs, Easy Woven Wall Hangings, Pressed Leaf Lanterns, and so much more.
  • Practical crafts―Whether it’s wearing, decorating, or planting, every project in Easy Arts & Crafts for Kids can be used for something.
  • (Almost) No supervision required―Don’t worry if your parents are busy―most of these projects can be done without any help.

Learn how you can make fun come alive by making things with Easy Arts & Crafts for Kids.